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At Soap World, we are committed to providing you with handmade soaps that contain only all-natural ingredients. Our products are gentle to the skin and are perfect for people of all ages. We even customize our soaps depending on your preferences and needs.

Read the testimonials below to learn why so many people love our products. If you want to send your review or have any questions for us, feel free to contact our shop. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with anything you may need.


Wow, shipping was fast. I had placed several orders with Soap World and got my products in a timely manner. 

                                                  -Lauren M.

I love all of Soap World products. I try to place an order each time I get paid.

I can't get enough of Soap World. They are always coming up with great idea to me feel and look great.

I love handmade soaps. I just could not found it in my area where I live. Plus, it is too expensive. Some companies charges too much but I love the way it smells and feels on my skin.

                                                       _M.K., North Carolina

I had problems with my skin, I was getting these weird break outs until I tried the Black activated soap with Tea Tree oil, after a few uses, my skin got clear and the breakouts stopped. 

Thank you Soap World. 

                                                -Helen M. Fla.

I like everything about Soap World. The owner is so sweet, she gave me a free sample and I was hooked every since. I bought my husband and my mother something now they are hooked. lol

                                                  _Lynn M. Fla.

I work with my hands daily and I needed something to soften my hands, and heels and I ordered the soap, heel balm, lip balm, hand lotion and soap and my wife tells me my skin feels better and she kissing and touching me.

                                                     La La, Fla

Cautious: Never leave your soap alone because the kids will steal them. I bought several bars of soaps and bath bombs and realized they were disappearing too fast; later my daughter confessed. lol 

I love shopping with a great company.

                                                     Mary Jo, Ga.

All natural products nice, much better than Lush and much cheaper too. My skin feels so delicious. Thank you, Soap World

                                                        S.Dee, Tennessee

I am loving Soap World. Sweet, honest owner.

                                                                 _Tone, Fla.

My daughter gave me the link to your website and I have fallen in love since. I love the soap with activated charcoal I did my own research and found that Activated Charcoal benefits are great and what I needed. 

                                                               -Randy, Ohio

Oh heck ya! I love my Soap World. I especially love the bath bombs, and soaps

                                                           _B.Lee, Texas

When I am in the mood for a relaxing bath, I get out all my supplies from Soap World and I grab myself a glass of wine and my bath bombs, bath salt, bath scrubs, lotions, and pamper myself.

                                                              -P. C., Ohio

My entire family loves Soap World products. 



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